Contraception, which method suits you best?

You may not be thinking about it just after giving birth, but it’s still good to start thinking about contraception. Before your next period you will already have an ovulation, which is when you can become pregnant again.

Methods of contraception

Different methods of contraception are available. It is important that you choose the method that suits you best. Are you breastfeeding? When choosing a particular method, pay attention to whether it can be used in combination with breastfeeding. You can discuss with us all your questions about contraception, for example during the follow-up meeting that takes place six weeks after the childbirth. You may also schedule a separate appointment. We can prescribe all methods of contraception and also insert coils (IUD/IUS). How do you choose the contraceptive that’s right for you? Take a look at and read more about contraception.

Insert or remove coils

You can contact us for inserting the following types of coils. But we can also remove your coil if you want.

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Types of coils

If you are looking for a trustworthy method of contraception and you do not want to take the pill, then a coil is an excellent alternative. There are two kinds of coils. The first is a hormonal coil: the Mirena and Kylena IUS. The second is a copper IUD, the T-Safe (we are currently not inserting Ballerine coils, on the advice of the midwives’ profession).

Mirena IUS

Mirena spiraalThe Mirena IUS is a trustworthy contraceptive method. With this IUS you can forget about contraception for several years. This IUS prevents pregnancy for up to six years. The active substance is levonorgestrel.

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Kyleena spiraalKyleena is a hormonal IUS. With this IUS you can forget about contraception for several years. The active substance in this hormonal IUS is levonorgestrel. Kyleena prevents pregnancy for up to five years.

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T-safe spiraalThe T-shaped copper IUD is a trustworthy contraceptive method with which you can forget about contraception for several years. The copper IUD does not contain any hormones and is therefore suitable for when you do not want or are not allowed to use hormones. The T-shaped IUD prevents pregnancy for ten years and is the most used copper IUD in the Netherlands.

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It depends on your health insurer if the coil and the insertion are reimbursed. For some, the insertion affects your health insurance deductible. You do not have to be a client of our practice to have a coil inserted. Also, if you’ve never been pregnant, you are very welcome to schedule an appointment. Call the assistant at our nearest location to schedule an appointment.