What do you need to take care of during your postnatal period? Your to do-list

During your pregnancy you’ve done already all kinds of preparations for when your child is born. Now that your child has arrived, there are some things that need to be taken care of. Your partner usually takes on these responsibilities, while you are recovering from the delivery. We’ve made an overview for you.


aangifteYour baby needs to be registered at the registry office within three days after birth. This is done in the city where your child is born. Always make an appointment for the registration. Bring your own identity card as well as your partner’s.

More information about recognition

Vitamins K and D

Babies need extra vitamin D and K if they are breastfed. Children in the age of one week until four years old need extra vitamin D. It is recommended that your child receives 10 micrograms of extra vitamin D per day. Until the age of three months (12 weeks) a supplement of 150 micrograms of vitamin K per day is needed. The body itself produces vitamin K in the intestines, but babies up to three months old do not sufficiently produce vitamin K yet. Breastfed babies or babies who are having follow-on milk also daily need to take a supplement of 10 micrograms of vitamin D.


Would you like to discuss the childbirth once more, do you experience any symptoms or would you like to show your baby, then visit our practice for a follow-up. Then, we can answer your questions and carry out any additional check-ups if needed, such as measuring your blood pressure or iron levels. Of course, we are also curious how parenting is going. The follow-up usually takes place around six weeks after the childbirth.