Antenatal classes

Giving birth is top-class sports, and it requires to be prepared well physically as well as mentally. A positive mindset and exercises to help you relax can help you enormously during your delivery.

zwangerschapscursusAntenatal classes are often very fun and educational. You will learn about breathing and relaxation exercises, receive a lot of information and get to know other pregnant women. During most classes, your partner will also receive advice on how to give support. This way, you will journey into giving birth with confidence together.

Maternity courses offered in the region

A wide range of antenatal classes are offered in the region. There is something for everyone. We’ve listed everything for you here. But what suits you best? Ask your questions at the consultation hour and we will help you on your way.

There are also antenatal courses especially for fathers-to-be!

Outdoor sports

Antenatal courses for fathers

Compact course


English courses

Pregnancy and exercise

Partner course

Pregnancy swimming


Online course


Antenatal classes for singles

Other courses