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by your side

Our main goal is to be by your side at all times, which is why every location has its own dedicated team of midwives. We cover a large working area and hold consultations on different locations. This way, we are always by your side and we really get to know you.

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Your guide

When you become pregnant for the first time, you will receive a lot of new information. When you’ve already given birth, you´ll have more of an understanding of what to expect. Whatever situation you are in, we will guide, inform and advice you, remove barriers and make sure you feel safe.

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Jouw zwangerschap

Your pregnancy

Every pregnant woman is different. One needs to slow down, another is still very active. We will listen carefully, give you advice, slow you down when needed and guide you. However, you’ll remain in charge of your pregnancy of course. 

Your wishes

Would you like to give birth at a hospital? Or do you prefer a home birth? Do you have any other ideas? Please share them with us. We’d be happy to think along, so you can focus entirely on giving birth. 

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Your care

There is no need to worry! We collaborate with a wide range of specialists in birth care and with hospitals in the surrounding area. Our team of midwives has a lot of experience, but enjoys every new delivery as if it were first, simply because it´s your baby.