Extra ultrasound, when you want to marvel at your child a little longer

During the standard ultrasounds you are being given a lot of information about your baby’s development, and you get to have a look at your child. However, the emphasis of those ultrasounds is on the examination. In case you would like to look at your child a little longer and more extensively, you can decide to have an extra ultrasound scan performed.

At De Geboortezaak you can opt for different kinds of extra ultrasound scans, where you can choose between 2D and 3D technology. We have the latest equipment with which we can, among others, record HD live to create moving images.

Fetal sex determination

pretechoA boy or a girl? If you cannot wait for the reveal of your baby’s sex, you can come over to have a 2D fetal sex determination ultrasound performed when you are pregnant for 14 weeks or longer. This scan is usually done via the abdomen, but sometimes it is necessary to perform a vaginal scan.

2D pretecho

What does your child do inside your womb? A 2D ultrasound shows you moving images in black and white of your baby. You can have this ultrasound performed throughout the entire pregnancy. Up to 36 weeks you will get the best images, after that your child usually has moved into your pelvis already.

3D/4D pretecho

A 3D ultrasound is made out of 2D images. This way, you will get to see the form of your baby’s face, for example. 3D shows you still images. Due to new technologies, you can see your baby moving in three-dimensional images, 4D sonography, as well. Sometimes you can see your child yawning or thumb sucking. It is possible to perform a 3D/4D ultrasound when you are pregnant between 26 and 32 weeks, around 28 weeks you will get the best images.

Enjoy at home

Would you like to have another look at the ultrasound at home or show it to your family? No problem. The images can be saved on an USB drive or DVD.

  • Price USB drive for photos € 6,50
  • Price USB drive for film with 3D/4D ultrasound € 10

Gifting an ultrasound?

To all grandparents who would like to have a look at their future grandchild: give your pregnant daughter (in law) an ultrasound voucher as a gift… hopefully you may join! The vouchers can be purchased from our assistants at one of our locations.