If things go differently, a miscarriage

Sometimes a pregnancy doesn’t go as you’ve hoped and it turns out early in pregnancy that the foetus has stopped growing and no longer has a heartbeat. About one in ten pregnancies end in miscarriage. A miscarriage is therefore quite common, but little is spoken about it.

How to proceed?

miskraamSometimes a miscarriage naturally starts on its own with bleeding accompanied by quite severe abdominal pain. In other cases, it might be necessary to get some help. This can be done by taking tablets which stimulate the uterus to contract, so that the miscarriage begins. Another option is dilatation and curettage. We will guide you in this process working closely with a gynaecologist.

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Coping with a miscarriage

In addition to the loss of a foetus, you also lose all future dreams with this child when having a miscarriage. Afterwards, you may literally feel empty and feel like you are standing still. Together you may take the time to cope with this loss. We fully support you in this and will get you all set up if extra guidance is needed.

Miscarriage counselling