Where to give birth, the choice is yours

During pregnancy you’ve probably formed an idea about how and where to give birth. If your pregnancy is progressing normally and there are no medical conditions to give birth at a hospital you can decide whether you would like to give birth at home, at a birth centre or in a hospital outpatient clinic.

bevallenAll options are safe and are guided by us. It is important to choose a place where you feel safe and comfortable. This way, you feel more relaxed, which has a positive effect on the contractions.

At home

Handling the contractions in your own bed and shower: your own home is usually the best place to relax. And feeling relaxed is important during labour. When you give birth at home, one of the midwives of your team will guide you. She is assisted by a maternity nurse.

After labour

After the birth of your child, the maternity nurse will make some snacks, such as ‘beschuit met muisjes’ [a traditional Dutch food served to celebrate the birth of a baby], to regain strength after all the efforts. When you are ready, you can have a shower and we will make sure that anything used during labour is set aside and you end up in a freshly made bed.


There is no extra cost for a home birth.

Hospital without medical indication

Would you rather not give birth at home, but have a homely birth in a hospital instead? Then, you can give birth in the hospital outpatient clinic of your choice. During labour you will be looked after by a midwife of your team whom will be assisted by a maternity nurse or a maternity support worker of the hospital. All hospitals contain nice delivery suites which are fully equipped. We guide childbirths at St. Antonius Birth care Leidsche Rijn, Geboortehuis Utrecht at Diakonessenhuis and at WKZ (Wilhelmina Children’s Hospital).

After labour

After the birth of your baby, you will stay at the hospital for a couple of hours. When the first few hours after giving birth have gone well, you can go home with your baby.


A statutory personal contribution of approximately € 500 applies for an outpatient birth without a medical indication. This contribution is reimbursed by some supplementary healthcare insurances. See your healthcare insurer’s policy to check whether those costs are fully reimbursed.

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Hospital with medical indication

It is sometimes recommended to give birth at a hospital. You then have a medical indication. For example, this is the case when you are being guided by a gynaecologist during your pregnancy. During labour there may also be a reason to ask for the help of a gynaecologist. The baby could have passed meconium into the amniotic fluid, you would like to get medication or labour is not progressing well enough. In those cases, the doctor takes over the childbirth support.

After labour

Depending on the course of the delivery you will have to stay a couple of hours at the hospital for observation. Sometimes the paediatrician also comes by to check on your baby and sometimes you will have to stay the night. In that case, a bed is arranged for the brand-new father as well!


The cost for a childbirth with medical indication is always fully reimbursed by your health insurer.