Sometimes extra testing is necessary, ultrasounds on indication

It may occur that we find an indication based on which we want to have extra ultrasound scans performed during your pregnancy. We can take care of those ultrasounds for you. If this is applies to you, we will tell you during the consultation hour and we will schedule an appointment at the scan consultation for you.

Growth scan

Echo op beeld te zienWe determine how the baby is developing during your pregnancy by using our hands. Sometimes we decide to check the baby’s growth by performing an ultrasound scan as well. This scan gives us additional information and is specifically intended for the early detection of fetal growth restriction. During this scan we measure the head, the abdominal circumference and the length of the thigh bone of your child. We also take a look at the amount of amniotic fluid surrounding your baby. The measures are compiled into a growth curve, which gives an estimation of the baby’s weight at that moment.

Advanced Ultrasound Examination

During the 20-week scan or later during the pregnancy we sometimes find something that deviates from what we consider normal. This may be a reason to have an extra extensive ultrasound scan performed by a gynaecologist.

Locating the placenta

During the 20-week scan the location of the placenta in your uterus is examined. When the placenta is located at the bottom on your uterus, we would like to look at it again later during your pregnancy. The ultrasound in which the location of your placenta is determined usually takes place when you are 32 weeks pregnant.

Ultrasound renal pelvis

During the 20-week scan we sometimes see that your child’s renal pelvis contains more fluid than normal. It usually disappears on its own. As a check, we assess this again during an ultrasound when you are 30 weeks pregnant.