Preparation for partners, you give birth together

Your girlfriend or wife has a huge job to do, with which she will need you immensely. Many partners think lightly about their contribution to the delivery. Unfortunately, you will not be able to take on the contractions, but you are the aid and comfort for your partner.

vadertipsYou know her best and you know how to motivate and support her. Sometimes you cannot actively do something for your wife during labour, but is your presence already enough. In other cases, you are massaging her for hours and your own muscles will be sore the day after as well. Anyhow, you give birth together, so be well-prepared!

Training for fathers

There are also ‘antenatal courses’ for fathers: Getting down to business for expectant fathers. Those classes are especially designed for expectant fathers by father and obstetrician David Borman. The course provides practical information and tips for the period that will drastically change your life as a man: the birth of your child.

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Trial run

When you are sitting next to your wife in labour in the car, you will need to have all eyes on her and the traffic. Make sure you’ve done a trial run to the hospital, have a coin for the wheelchair at hand and try putting the car seat in the car. Ask where you can find the maternity package and take a look in the closet with baby stuff. Then you will know where to find everything during labour. And you have more time to support your wife properly.

Tips for the delivery

Your presence and support are the most important things during the delivery, as mentioned before.
However, we’ve listed a few tips for you.

  • Stay near
  • Create a relaxed atmosphere
  • Provide comfort; warm socks, drinking small amounts, massaging
  • Support your wife, encourage her, tell her that she is doing great and that you admire her
  • Motivate and coach her if she doesn’t feel like it anymore
  • Help to puff
  • Take notes or photos of the course of the delivery
  • Accept that your wife may have different needs every other moment
  • Continue to drink and eat enough yourself, you really need your energy!
  • Your wife cannot stand a lot of smells, bring chewing gum and a toothbrush
  • It is also good for you to change positions regularly
  • Want to hear experiences from other fathers? Watch the documentary ‘Ik stond erbij’

Childbirth leave for partners

Since July 2020, partners can take supplementary childbirth leave in addition to the childbirth leave of one week. We think it is very important to get a relaxed and equivalent start together as new parents.

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