You may always call us, we are at your service

How and when the delivery will start is still a surprise. The moment you call us because the delivery has started can also be different for everyone. You can contact us 24/7 through the emergency hotline of your team.

When should you call us?

Below you find some instructions when you should call us in any case. Apart from this, you may always contact us in case you are worried or having doubts.

Movements of your baby

If you feel the baby moving less than normal or not at all, we would like to know.


The delivery starts when contractions begin. You don’t have to call immediately at the first contraction, but you should call us if the contractions come every 3 to 5 minutes.

Amniotic fluid

Call us immediately if your water breaks and:

  • the amniotic fluid has a green, brown or bright red colour
  • your baby’s head hadn’t moved down into the pelvis yet at your last consult

If your water breaks at night, the amniotic fluid is clear, the head has moved down into the pelvis and you do not have any contractions, you don’t have to call us yet. Call us as soon as the contractions begin or otherwise the next morning.

Blood loss

  • If you are losing a lot of bright red blood.
  • The mucus usually contains some blood, you don’t have to worry about this. Losing the mucus doesn’t say anything about when labour will start.

Contractions, loss of blood or amniotic fluid before 37 weeks

Do you have contractions or are you losing blood or amniotic fluid before 37 weeks of pregnancy: always call us immediately!