Corona information

The working method in the practice has been changed to prevent the spread of the Corona virus. We follow the advice of the RIVM, our professional association (KNOV) and that of the ultrasound specialists (BEN).

What this means for you and the practice you can read below:

  • If you have a fever and/or a nose cold, cough or sore throat do not come to the practice, get tested at the GGD or do a self-test and contact our assistant.

Consultations/Practice visits:

  • Partners are welcome at all checkups and ultrasounds if they are symptom-free. At all locations, except the hospital in Nieuwegein, your children are also welcome. 
  • Image calling or dialing in is also always possible.
  • We ask you to wash or disinfect your hands when you enter the practice.
  • We wear a mouth mask during consultations. Depending on which location you visit, we ask you to wear a mask in the waiting room. 
  • We have taken precautions at our office locations to prevent contamination as much as possible. 


  • All medical ultrasounds and pretechos are done
  • For medical ultrasounds such as the 13 week ultrasound, 20 week ultrasound and growth ultrasound, your partner is welcome. Due to the nature of the ultrasound, children cannot be present.
  • We wear a mask. During the ultrasound we ask you and your partner to wear one as well. 
  • Video calling or calling in may be done in consultation with the ultrasound operator.
  • At pretecho's you children and your partner are welcome. If you would like to bring another companion, please consult with us. There is limited space in the ultrasound room.

Childbirth information evenings:

Evenings are ongoing. We use ZOOM or mail messages. 

Centering Pregnancy:

Groups continue. We are using ZOOM and will start physical groups in March/April 2022. We are greatly looking forward to the live CP sessions. 

Childbirth/home visits:

  • We simply come to your home.
  • We wear a mouth guard at your home.
  • Births can take place either at home or in the hospital. Each hospital has measures around visits, attendance during labor and/or the use of mouth masks.  We will inform you of the latest when you go into labor.  

Maternity Visits:

  • We will visit you several times during the maternity period.
  • We wear an oral mask at your home.

We are there for you, together we see what is possible. Everything to make it a good time! 

If you have any questions, feel free to contact our assistant.  

Team De Geboortezaak